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Embrace the power of exceptional concrete services delivered by a locally owned and operated company that goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations. With an impressive track record of over 20 years of combined concrete experience, our dedicated team of experts ensures that no project is too complex or ambitious for us to handle.

At Contour Inc., we believe that concrete is more than just a construction material—it's an art form that has the potential to transform spaces and elevate aesthetics. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, we unleash our expertise to create stunning results that leave a lasting impression.

Whether you're in need of a striking new driveway, a beautiful patio, or a flawless foundation, our unrivaled concrete services are tailored to bring your vision to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and durability. We employ the latest techniques and utilize cutting-edge equipment to ensure that every pour is executed with absolute precision, resulting in flawless finishes that stand the test of time.

Duluth and Superior Concrete Contractor

Enhance Safety & Increase Visual Appearance

Concrete Replacement

One of the primary benefits of concrete replacement is enhanced safety and improved aesthetics. Over time, concrete surfaces can deteriorate due to factors such as weathering, heavy usage, or structural damage. Cracks, uneven surfaces, or crumbling concrete can pose tripping hazards and increase the risk of accidents or injuries.

By replacing damaged or worn-out concrete, property owners can ensure a safe and secure environment for residents, visitors, or customers. Additionally, new concrete installation can significantly improve the appearance of the property. Fresh, smooth, and properly finished concrete enhances curb appeal, creating a positive first impression and potentially increasing the value of the property.

Whether it's a driveway, sidewalk, patio, or other concrete surface, investing in concrete replacement can transform the overall look and feel of the property.

Duluth and Superior Cracked Concrete Repair - Concrete Replacement

Long-Term Durability and Cost-Effective

Concrete replacement also offers long-term durability and cost-effectiveness. When concrete surfaces become severely damaged or cracked, repairs may only serve as temporary fixes. By opting for concrete replacement, property owners can enjoy the benefits of a brand-new, structurally sound surface that is built to withstand heavy traffic, weather conditions, and other environmental factors.

New concrete is durable and resistant to wear and tear, reducing the need for frequent repairs or maintenance in the future. While the upfront cost of concrete replacement may be higher compared to repair options, the long-term cost-effectiveness becomes apparent as it eliminates the need for recurring patchwork or extensive repairs. Moreover, the investment in concrete replacement can increase the longevity and functionality of the property, saving property owners from potential headaches and expenses associated with ongoing concrete issues.

Highly Resilient and Customizable

Concrete Installation

Concrete is a strong and long-lasting material that can withstand heavy loads, extreme weather conditions, and everyday wear and tear.

Whether it's a driveway, sidewalk, patio, or foundation, concrete provides a stable and reliable surface that can withstand frequent use and various environmental factors. Its durability translates into reduced maintenance requirements and costs over time, making it a cost-effective choice for property owners.

Additionally, concrete is highly customizable. It can be poured and shaped into different forms and finishes, allowing property owners to achieve the desired aesthetic appeal. With a wide range of color, texture, and pattern options available, the concrete installation offers versatility in design and can enhance the overall visual appeal of the property.

Duluth and Superior Concrete Foundation Installation


Discover What Our Clients Say About Our Concrete Services

Our testimonials showcase real stories from real people who have entrusted us with their needs. From homeowners to business owners, they share their firsthand accounts of how we have exceeded their expectations, solved their problems, and transformed their spaces. Whether it's a glowing review of our exceptional service, our attention to our client's needs, or our ability to bring visions to life, these testimonials provide invaluable insights into the value we bring to our clients.

These guys are amazing! I needed a lot of water rerouted around my house. These gentlemen did an outstanding job moving a ton of dirt and taking down trees as needed. They also built me a custom garden and replaced concrete around my doorway making my home look much more inviting and open. They were always professional and easy to talk to! Thank you Contour Inc. excavation and land management for solving my yard water troubles!


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