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Pipe bursting can be simply described as the "reactionary" response to a clogged or settled sewer line. When you're at the point of no return, and your line needs to be replaced, pipe bursting is the modern, underground solution to your problem. While a sewer line installation can often mean the invasive excavation of your yard and property, pipe bursting offers numerous benefits that ensure a swift and effective resolution.

Pipe bursting refers to the method of trenchless utility installation that involves pulling a new sewer line through the original location, "bursting" the old line as it goes. Using a robust bursting head, the area is expanded to create room for an HDPE pipe. Capable of bending up to 90 degrees, with a 50+ year lifespan, the new line blends easy installation with lasting protection for your property.

By relying on our expertise and utilizing our specialized equipment, you can trust that pipe bursting installation will be done efficiently, effectively, and with long-term durability in mind; saving you time, money, and further headaches down the line.

Burst Pipe Repair Workers

Pipe Bursting Method

The Process

  • We dig two holes

    One hole will be at the site of the connection to the main line. The other will be at the site of the connection to your home's plumbing.

  • We cut the connections and attach the cable

    Your sewer line is detached from both the city main line and your home's plumbing. A cable is fed through the old line and attached to the hydraulic pulling unit.

  • We pull the new line through the old

    We pull the new and improved sewer line through the old line, bursting and expanding the area as we pull. Once the bursting head of the new line is through, we connect the new line to both the main sewer line and your home's sewer system. So, it's fully operational and ready for use. It really is that simple.

  • We make it look right

    We fill the holes, and repair the surfaces with precision and care. Contour Inc.'s commitment to customer service means we stand by our work, and leave home and business owners feeling proud of the improvements they made to their property. No extra digging, and no extra damage to your yard.

Burst pipe repair process & tools


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Our testimonials showcase real stories from real people who have entrusted us with their needs. From homeowners to business owners, they share their firsthand accounts of how we have exceeded their expectations, solved their problems, and transformed their spaces. Whether it's a glowing review of our exceptional service, our attention to our client's needs, or our ability to bring visions to life, these testimonials provide invaluable insights into the value we bring to our clients.

Chet and the whole Contour Inc. team were amazing. I had called 5 contractors to get estimates and 2 weeks later none had gotten back to me. I then called Chet and he was out the next day. I was very happy with the timeliness of the work and most importantly, they left my yard and driveway in perfect condition. Call these guys! You won't be disappointed.


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