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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

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Trenchless sewer line installation or replacement offers several advantages, including reduced disruption, minimal excavation, faster completion times, and long-lasting results. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution for updating or repairing sewer lines without the need for extensive digging or significant disruption to your property.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Pros

  • Reduced Property Damage
  • Potentially Lower Costs
  • Faster Job Completion
  • Less Disruption
  • Longer-Lasting Results

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Cons

  • Requires Trained Technicians
  • Not Suitable for All Circumstances

Installing or replacing a trenchless sewer line is a modern and efficient method that minimizes the need for extensive excavation and disruption to the surrounding area. A step-by-step breakdown of how our team replaces or installs a trenchless sewer line system is listed on the page below.

Sewer line replacement installation

Trenchless Sewer Line Method

The Process

  • Initial Assessment and Planning

    The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the existing sewer line system. Contour Inc. will inspect the site, identify any issues or damages, and determine the most suitable trenchless method for installation or replacement. Factors such as the length, depth, and condition of the existing sewer line are taken into consideration.

  • Preparation and Access Points

    Before the installation process begins, any necessary preparations are made. This may involve shutting off the sewer line, clearing the work area, and ensuring access to the sewer line through strategically created entry points or small pits. The entry points serve as access for the trenchless equipment.

  • Pipe Insertion

    Trenchless methods for sewer line installation or replacement typically involve two main techniques: pipe bursting and pipe lining.

    1. Pipe Bursting: In pipe bursting, a bursting head is attached to the new sewer pipe and inserted into the existing sewer line. The bursting head breaks apart the old pipe while simultaneously pulling the new pipe into place. This method creates a new, seamless pipe path as the old pipe is fractured and pushed into the surrounding soil.
    2. Pipe Lining: Pipelining, also known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, involves inserting a flexible liner impregnated with resin into the existing sewer line. The liner is then inflated and cured, adhering to the inside of the old pipe, effectively creating a new pipe within the existing one. This method is suitable for repairing minor damages or sealing cracks and leaks.
  • Connection and Testing

    Once the new sewer line is in place, our team will make the necessary connections to ensure proper alignment and sealing. This involves connecting the new sewer pipe to the main sewer system and any lateral lines. Thorough testing is then conducted to ensure the new sewer line is functioning properly and free from leaks or blockages.

  • Site Restoration

    After the installation or replacement is complete, the work area is restored. The entry points or small pits are backfilled, and any disrupted landscaping or hardscaping is reinstated. This may involve filling excavated areas, reseeding grass, replacing plants, or restoring other landscape features.

Sewer line replacement process


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Contour Inc. provided us with their trenchless sewer line replacement today. From start to finish, we were amazed at how it all got done, basically in one day, with a little prep work yesterday. Very professional, very efficient, took care to spread tarps in the house, so no mess. They cleaned up the alley after excavating-our Duluth neighbors appreciate that. They explained the process so well we actually know what they did and how they did it. Awesome job!


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