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Get your land ready for your home construction, building construction, your next landscaping project, or fix your yard drainage problem. Contour Inc. will start your residential or commercial project off the right way by getting the job done correctly the first time.

Excavation services are the kick-off of your project, and choosing a professional, reliable, and experienced team is the first step in safeguarding the lasting performance of your project. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities as you embark on your dream home or revitalize your driveway. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we harness the power of cutting-edge equipment and innovative techniques to bring your vision to life with unrivaled precision and craftsmanship.

Our excavation services include:

Duluth and Superior Excavation

Expert Land Development Services

Site Preparation

Site preparation excavation is the process of clearing and grading a designated area to make it suitable for construction or development. It involves the removal of vegetation, soil, rocks, and other obstructions to create a level and stable foundation for the intended project. Excavation may also involve digging trenches, creating utility lines, or preparing the site for the installation of underground infrastructure.

The purpose of site preparation excavation is to ensure a safe and stable construction environment, proper drainage, and the implementation of necessary infrastructure. It is a crucial initial step in any construction project, laying the groundwork for the successful implementation of the planned development while considering factors such as soil stability, water management, and adherence to local regulations and building codes.

Our site preparation process:

  1. Evaluate the site
  2. Survey the site
  3. Develop the site plan
  4. Create site access points
  5. Clear the site
  6. Install drainage and erosion system controls
  7. Grade and compact the site
Construction Site Preparation - Land Development

Solidify Your Building's Future

Foundation Excavation

Foundation digging excavation is the process of excavating the ground to create a trench or hole that serves as the foundation for a building or structure. It involves removing soil, rocks, and other materials to reach the desired depth and dimensions required for the foundation.

The excavation process is carefully planned and executed, taking into account factors such as soil stability, load-bearing capacity, and the structural requirements of the building. Proper foundation excavation is crucial as it provides a stable and level base for the construction, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of the building. It also allows for the installation of necessary foundation components, such as footings or concrete slabs, that provide support and distribute the weight of the structure evenly.

The excavation process may involve the use of heavy machinery and skilled operators to achieve the desired foundation specifications, considering soil conditions and local building regulations.

Duluth and Superior Foundation Excavation

Commercial & Residential Services

Pavement and Driveway Excavation

Pavement and driveway excavation is the process of removing existing materials and preparing the ground for the construction or renovation of a pavement or driveway. This excavation involves the removal of soil, rocks, vegetation, and other obstructions to create a level and stable base for the pavement or driveway installation. It may include the use of heavy machinery to excavate the desired depth and width, ensuring proper drainage and structural integrity.

Pavement and driveway excavation is crucial as it sets the foundation for a smooth and durable surface that can withstand the weight of vehicles, foot traffic, and environmental conditions. It also allows for the installation of necessary components, such as base materials, subgrade stabilization, and proper compaction, which contribute to the overall stability and longevity of the pavement or driveway.

The excavation process requires careful planning and adherence to local regulations and specifications to ensure a successful and functional end result.

Duluth and Superior Pavement and Driveway Excavation

Prevent Water-Related Damage

Drain Excavation

Draining solutions excavation refers to the process of excavating the ground to create or enhance drainage systems on a property. This excavation involves the removal of soil, rocks, and other materials to establish channels, trenches, or basins that facilitate the efficient flow of water away from structures or areas prone to flooding.

The goal of draining solutions excavation is to prevent water accumulation, mitigate water damage, and maintain the stability of the surrounding environment. It may include the installation of drainage pipes, catch basins, or French drains to redirect excess water and alleviate water-related issues.

Draining solutions excavation requires careful planning and consideration of factors such as slope, soil conditions, and water flow patterns to ensure proper functioning and long-term effectiveness. By implementing effective draining solutions through excavation, property owners can protect their structures, prevent water-related damage, and improve overall land management.

Yard Drainage Solutions


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What a difference - our property looks great with all the dead trees gone. These folks left the site looking amazing and ready for planting. And boy did they get the work done quick; thorough communication and excellent work. Thank you Contour!


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